Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Pointrading

The Terms and Conditions will continue to be updated according to the use and development of Pointrading

Definition of Term

  1. Pontranding is a smart application that is useful for carrying out sales and product purchases on an international scale.
  2. Points is a payment instrument used to make sales or purchase transactions.
  3. Users are people who use the Pointrading application to use the features in it.
  4. Account means that personal data is entered into the database that will be used for the interest in accessing various features that contained in pointrading.
  5. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to buy goods directly or from stores through the internet without intermediary services.
  6. Product sales are defined as an effort to meet the needs of goods which is needed by the user and it can be received right at that time with the right quality and at a favorable price.
  7. Product sales are activities carried out by sellers in selling goods in the hope that they can earn a profit from a transaction.
  8. Transfer Points is the Pointrading service activity to move a certain number of points (min.50 points) in accordance with user commands intended for other users.
  9. The top-up points are one of the facilities given by Pointrading to users who have an active status to increase the number of points.
  10. The transaction is an activity that causes changes to the position a number of points such as product sales, product purchases, and transfer points.
  11. Conversion Value is a big change in the unit value (points or USD currency) into other units by showing the conversion value.
  12. The feature is aspects of quality or characteristics that stand out from pointrading so that it becomes the user's attraction.

Registration Requirements (Account Creation)

To be a pointrading user, you have to go through a registration process. Registration requirements that must be met by users when registering, such as :

  1. Fill in the username
  2. Fill in the e-mail address used by the user
  3. Fill in the password that will be used to enter the user account (confidential)
  4. Provide an active telephone number
  5. Provide the user's residence address (street, city, province, country, postal code)
  6. Verify the via e-mail about account creation

Top-up Points at Pointrading

  1. Top-up points are done by various payment methods. Payment methods used include; Bitcoin payments, Litecoin payments, and Dogecoin payments. Points can be purchased by the user with the desired amount, but we set the purchase points at least 150 points. When topping-up points with one of the payment methods that we have provided, the number of points desired will be converted immediately and make a payment by sending the amount of currency used (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin) to the address that we have displayed. The user will receive notification of payment status updates by via email. We set the time to make the payment points, the time we have been set is 3 hours. If there no payment made within 3 hours, the system will cancel the top-up points that you want to do automatically.

Purchasing Products at Pointrading

  1. Make the product purchases on the shopping menu. The users can buy the products by selecting the desired product directly. Pointrading only provides a container for selecting and buying products, for purchases and purchasing mechanisms like approval, payment, and delivery of the item are managed by the partner concerned directly. But, to buy a product, you still have to pay attention to the address listed on the data provided in the user account. Further information about the product purchased or providing a more specific address can be directly stated in the store in question. Each product purchase will be subject to admin fees of 10% of the total price of the product purchased. Users will get an admin fee of up to 5% when purchasing a network package in the top-up menu. Users will be free of admin fees if buying priority network packages on the top-up menu.

Sales the Products at Pointrading

  1. The users can register their stores, become our partners and sell the product that they want to sell. If users who want to sell products, please first to open [email protected] Sales of the products at our partners must meet several applicable regulations, such as; sell the products that do not violate legal provisions, quality products are sold and of course, you can manage your own products for sale according to the system we have provided, namely Self-Management. Users can contact us through the contacts we have provided to register as our partners and sell products on our smart platform.

Points Transfer at Pointrading

  1. The users can make points transfer to the other user. Transfers can be made on the menu that we have provided for the users. The users can transfer points by the amount that they want to, but we have set a minimum transfer amount of 150 points. Each transfer made will be charged to admin fees of 10% of the total delivery points. The Users will get admin fee waivers to 5% if the user buying network plan packages on the top-up menu. The users will be free of admin fees when buying priority network packages on the top-up menu.

Rights and Obligations

Users Rights and Obligations

Rights are the authority that the user entitled got in accessing and transacting at pointrading. There are the rights which the users have to get :
  1. The users must be able to access all the features provided by Pointrading.
  2. The users deserve to get additional points when top-up with an adjusted amount.
  3. The users deserve to get the product that has been purchased.
  4. The users deserve to be Pointrading partner and sell the product after fulfilling the requirements.
There are some obligations that must be fulfilled by the users :
  1. The users must register when creating an account.
  2. The users must pay the taxes that have been determined in each product purchase transaction (except the users who use the priority network package).
  3. The users must pay the prescribed tax in each transfer points transaction to the other users (except the users who use the priority network package).

Pointrading Rights and Obligations

Pointrading has the determined rights and obligations. There are some pointrading rights :
  1. Pointrading deserved to get tax on every product purchase transaction (except the users who use the priority network package).
  2. Pointrading deserved to get tax on each points transfer transaction to the other users (except the users who use the priority network package).
  3. Pointrading deserved to approve or disapprove the registration of the users who want to become Pointrading partners and sell their products.
There are some things that become Pointrading obligations :
  1. Pointrading must run all the facilities that the user wants.
  2. Pointrading must always update the appearance and features that must be added.
  3. Pointrading must help if there are problems with pointrading users or partners.

Applicable laws and sanctions

Laws and sanctions apply if violations occur including :
  1. Users do not get the products they buy, sanctions are given to the store if they do not send products that have been purchased by returning the fees that have been paid by the previous user. If the incident occurs more than 10 times, the store will be sanctioned by not being able to sell its products for 30 days (suspension) at pointrading.
  2. Stores sell prices at different prices or do not match. Such as the price of 30 points, but the price when payment is more than 30 points before the admin fee is added. If the incident occurs more than 10 times, the store will be sanctioned by not being able to sell its products for 30 days (suspension) at pointrading.


  1. Users can change their personal data in the event of an address change, telephone number change, and email replacement.
  2. Pointrading is not responsible if there is a discrepancy between the data provided and the original data. Such as when sending the product did not arrive because of the difference in the data.
  3. Terms and conditions can change to adjust services that continue to increase.
  4. If a user wants to purchase a reseller promo, please contact open [email protected]
  5. If there is a disturbance or a problem in the transaction the user can open contact.pointrading.com