About Us

Points Payment

Humans are living things that have various life needs that must be shown. To fulfill their life needs, they carry out activities in the form of sales and purchase of goods or services.


Pointrading is here to help you fulfill the needs of life.Appoint using points in various sales or purchase transactions of goods or services by users.Users will get products at attractive prices if they want to buy products in pointrading. Pointrading has various benefits that will allow when users do many transactions. Using points as a payment tool will facilitate transactions and generate profits in each transaction.

Happy Shopping

Fun if activities that take a long time are done for a short time. In the midst of busy activities, to meet the needs of life you no longer need to waste time going to the store to buy the items you need.


By becoming a pointrading user, you can buy the items you need easily and with the best quality.Pointrading provides a variety of benefits when shopping including, shopping easier, faster, and quality products.Coupled with the many interesting benefits we provide to make your shopping activities very enjoyable. Shopping activities are fun too.

Special Offers

Pointrading provides a variety of amazing promos to users. This promo includes top-up points and purchases of products in the available pointrading markets.


The promotions we provide include special prices. We provide the best prices, and special price offers for our users. Users are our top priority, we will continue to improve performance and promos with the best prices that are certainly attractive and profitable for our loyal users.

Great Pricing

We integrate to give the best to all our loyal users. The price we offer is the best price where we set the conversion value through an international currency that is USD.


The conversion value of USD is 1 Point = 0.2 USD. Look forward to offering price points with a certain amount of purchase, because we will provide discounts according to the applicable promo. This best price will benefit users on every purchase of existing products because these prices are the best prices we have provided and certainly cheaper with promising product quality. So that users do not need to be afraid of the price of available products more expensive but the quality available is not suitable as is usually the case with other shopping applications.

Instant Purchase

The instant purchase is a product purchase that is faster than if you have to choose and buy directly to the product store you want to buy.


Users only need to choose the product they want to buy on the shopping menu then add it to the purchase basket, make payments using your point, and the selected product will be sent directly to the user's location. It's so easy that users don't need to spend long hours buying goods to the store.

Online Activity

Pointrading is the center where many online activities can be done. Users can do activities that sometimes require a lot of time to be easier by doing these activities online using pointrading.


These activities include top-up points, purchase of required products, product sales, transfer of points to other users.These activities will facilitate users and help users meet user needs quickly and easily.

Self Management

Pointrading not only provides a market for users to buy their needs but also provides stalls for users to sell various products. This sale will be a business field for users because it will increase user revenue.


Sales of these products use the principle of "self-management" where users manage their own booths. The principle of self-management will make it easier for users to sell their products with self-regulated management. So those users are not bound by management that is usually made by other sales applications. However, to make sales there are still special terms and conditions for sales that we have provided.

API Integration

We provide APIs with functions and commands using languages that are more structured and easier for you to understand.


Integration of the API requires programming knowledge to be implemented. If you want to know more about our special coding services, please contact our contact support.

Cryptocurrency Support

Pointrading received full support from cryptocurrency because to top up these points using cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin.


The use of crypto currencies as a tool to top up will make it easier for users who have used this currency beforehand, so they only need to do purchase points with the desired amount and the price according to the conversion in each currency used.

World Connection

Pointrading is a smart platform that can be used by users around the world.


Partners who have collaborated with us are also located in various countries throughout the world. So that users and partners who have cooperated with Pointrading can connect and make buying and selling transactions between sellers and buyers.

Online Shopping

Work that is too much will take time for other things such as life needs, while the need is still something that should be fulfilled.


For that, pointrading provides shopping menus for users to meet family needs. Trading provides benefits now, easier, faster, and quality products. Pointrading provides expenses that can be done online. Users only need to select the items they want to buy then make payment transactions using points. So easy and fast to buy online that is done in pointrading.

Marketing Bonus

You can do marketing by inviting many people to use pointrading. We will provide a referral code for you.


New users who use your referral code will benefit you. because each transaction points purchase (top-up) you will get a few percentage points of the total purchase points from users who use your referral code. Percent points earned can change according to the policies that apply. The benefits you get are continuous. the more marketing you do, the more profit you get.

High End Security

A smart platform must have qualified security to secure the website that has been created. The bigger a platform develops, the greater the risk of hacking a website.


Pointrading is a smart platform with international standards that have cooperation with many partners and users throughout the world. Pointrading uses the latest technology to secure websites. The latest technology used has a high level of security to protect websites from hackers who want to hack websites.

Support Center

Mistakes can occur when buying and selling transactions are carried out by users with partners who have worked with us. Various problems can occur, in top-up points, transactions or other problems.


If problems occur, appropriate facilities are needed to solve the problems that occur. Pointrading provides a support center to help all users solve problems. In the event of a problem or the user's understanding of some features that have been provided, the user can contact the contact center provided by pointrading. The availability of support centers is a facility for users which is certainly expected to help users solve problems that occur.

Safe Privacy

When registering, users will be asked to fulfill the terms and conditions provided to create an account in pointrading. User data is one of the things needed to register such as username, e-mail, and telephone number that can be contacted.


Users are the main priority of pointrading so that the security of the user's privacy is highly safeguarded. Guarded user privacy security includes user data that has been previously provided to fulfill the conditions when registering. Similarly, the security of user privacy will continue to be maintained when top-up, transactions and other features provided specifically by pointrading for all loyal users.

Reseller Promo

Pointrading will provide various promos, one of the promos currently provided is a reseller promo. This promo is certainly a special promo given to loyal users of pointrading. Reseller promo is an interesting promo that we prepare specifically.


The reseller promo that we have prepared in the form of discounted prices on the purchase of 10,000 points. Purchasing 10,000 if converted is worth 2,000USD. The discount on the purchase of 10,000 points is 30%, so the price of 10,000 points which should be worth 2,000 USD becomes 1,400 USD. This promo is valid until 15 December 2018. The price reduction on the purchase of these points is very significant, a decrease is 600USD. Don't let this promo pass quickly, use this reseller promo and look forward to another promo that will continue to grow.